What Is Geoexchange?

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What Is a Geoexchange Heating and Cooling System?

A geoexchange heating and cooling system uses the consistent temperature of the earth to provide heating, cooling, and hot water for both residential and commercial buildings.  Water is circulated through polyethelene pipes in closed loops that are installed at a minimum of 5 feet below the earth's surface.  These loops can be buried vertically or horizontally in the ground, or submersed in a pond.  The loops are connected to an extended-range water source heat pump installed in your home or commercial property.

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When heating the home or hot water, heat is extracted from the earth into the water circulating in the loop.  This heat is used by the heat exchanger and compressor in the water source heat pump to warm the air and provide hot water.  Cold air or chilled water is provided as a result of transferring heat from the conditioned space and rejecting it into the earth.

In size, a water source heat pump is similar to a standard furnace.  A complete geoexchange system, consisting of the water source heat pump, the loop, and a standard duct system for delivery of hot or cold air, provides all the heating, cooling, and hot water needed for your home in one integrated system.

Geoexchange systems work well in any climate zone, from Pacific coastal regions to the Sierra Mountains, and all areas in between. Used as early as the 1920s in Europe, geoexchange systems have been installed throughout North America for the last 30 years. The EPA lists geoexchange systems as the most environmentally friendly and efficient systems available today.

What Geoexchange Is Not

Geoexchange systems do not require geothermal geysers, hot water from subsurface volcanic activity, or any other existing hot water source from the earth. Nor do they require natural gas or propane.

You can expect your geoexchange system to provide safe, clean, and efficient heating and cooling service for up to 30 years, up to twice the life expectancy of other heating systems available today.

An All-in-One System

A single geoexchange water source heat pump provides heating, air conditioning, and hot water for your home or business. Heating can be provided in two ways:

  • as forced warm air with a two-stage capacity variable-speed fan for precise comfort control, or
  • as hot water for an in-floor radiant heating system.

Air conditioning is delivered as cooled air through your duct system. Chilled water can be provided for commercial applications.

The geoexchange water source heat pump can also be used to provide hot water for your home, pool, and spa.